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Dog Training

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Private Sessions *


Group Classes *


$ 50 


$ 200 (once/week for 6 weeks, includes training materials)


Onsite Bootcamp *



Home Follow-up Visits *

$ 1,500 (4 weeks)

$ 2,250 (6 weeks)


$ 25 



Schedule a consultation to setup a training that's just right for your furry friend!


All training sessions will be tailored to your dogs specific training needs.  We offer basic obedience training such as "sit", "stay", "down", "come", "off" & "leave it" using verbal commands and hand signals.  We will also throw in a bit of trick training just for fun! 


Private sessions are typically handled at our facility and will last from 1-2 hours per session.  Upon your dogs assessment, we may determine that training sessions at your home are more appropriate (in which case travel expenses may be incurred). 


Group Classes - With group classes you and your dog will work together to learn the commands. This also gives your dog a chance to learn very important socialization skills being among other dogs and people! Contact us for our upcoming group class schedule.


Onsite bootcamp - This is a training where you'll leave your dog with us for the week.  We will work with your dog daily teach them 1-2 training commands each week.  During the weekends you may chose to take your dog home or opt to leave them for boarding (additional boarding charges will apply). We invite you to come onsite each week and work along side us to learn what we are teaching your dog that week.


Home Follow-Up Visits - Once your dog has started and/or completed their obedience training we will come to your home to help you work with your dog in their home environment and teach the whole family how to keep up with the training moving forward.  It is essential that everyone knows the commands verbally as well as the hand signals.


* Special needs will be addressed on an individual basis.  If you need additional help or information, please contact us.